Call 511 for assistance with transportation & trip planning

CA Low Cost Auto Insurance 800-92-4357

RTA ADA Card/Runabout 805-541-2544 (apply for card)

Ride On Door-to-Door Shuttle Service 805-541-2544

Wilshire Community Services 805-547-7025 x26

Gas voucher program, El Morro Church of the Nazarene 805-528-0391

Transport to Community Health Centers 877-743-3242

CRISIS LINE 1-800-783-0607              

Los Osos Cares: 805-592-2701 

Fax: 805-234-9264

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Location: Sunnyside School

880 Manzanita Dr, Room 18

Los Osos, California

​[Up Bayview Heights Dr. from Los Osos Valley Rd.]

Mail:  Los Osos Cares 

PO Box 6602

Los Osos, CA 93412

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