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Los Osos, Morro Bay & Cayucos: (805) 592-2701 or send an email to locwomenade@gmail.com

South SLO County, contact: rosemary.cleaves@rscinag.com

North SLO County, contact: pastor@blctempleton.org

Womenade Referrals

Los Osos Cares Womenade serves the communities of Los Osos, and Cayucos by taking referrals from agencies, organizations, social workers, health workers or school officials and helping with various needs through the work of volunteers and and the generosity of donors. 


~A disabled senior got help with a car repair

~A veteran got help toward payment for his storage unit

~ 3 Low-income women got funds for clothes for job interviews

~A single mom of 2 got help with a car battery so she could get to work

~A low-income patient recovering from surgery got an air mattress 

~3 individuals got help towards overdue rent

Pirates' Plaza

At Morro Bay High School, Womenade assists with this program of the Children's

Resource Network of the Central Coast.

It provides free clothing, school supplies, and a basic resource store for teen youth,

and also offers specialized support for teen parents. 

For more information and to make email requests, visit their website:


Requests by phone: (805) 709-5404; en Espanol: (805) 202-8151

Please drop off donations of new or lightly used clothes or school supplies to the Morro Bay HS office and iif you require a receipt contact Los Osos Cares (see footer below).

Backpack Program

Donations to LOC Womenade make possible purchase of backpacks and nutritious food to send home with students of Los Osos Middle School (LOMS). Students will be referred by LOMS when

school starts. We will stuff the backpacks and send food home with them on

the weekends and breaks at Thanksgiving, winter, spring and summer.

CRISIS LINE 1-800-783-0607              

Los Osos Cares: 805-592-2701 

Fax: 805-234-9264      


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Location: Sunnyside School

880 Manzanita Dr, Room 18

Los Osos, California

​[Up Bayview Heights Dr. from Los Osos Valley Rd.]

Mail:  Los Osos Cares 

PO Box 6602

Los Osos, CA 93412

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