Los Osos Cares began as a subcommittee of the Los Osos Community Coalition, which began in June 2016. The goal is to address the needs of the economically under-represented members of Los Osos. Problems include an increase in the homelessness, poverty and affordable youth and senior activities. Los Osos Cares became a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization in November 2017. 

Since its inception the Los Osos Community Coalition has held bi-monthly meetings to identify and find solutions, with representatives from service organizations, churches, the school district, and government agencies and offices.  The Los Osos Cares Resource Center was opened in January of 2017 at Sunnyside School in Los Osos to serve Los Osos residents and visitors by providing information about and access to resources. Los Osos Cares is entirely volunteer run. If you would like to volunteer your time and talent, please contact us. 

CRISIS LINE 1-800-783-0607              

Los Osos Cares: 805-592-2701 

Fax: 805-234-9264      


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Location: Sunnyside School

880 Manzanita Dr, Room 18

Los Osos, California

​[Up Bayview Heights Dr. from Los Osos Valley Rd.]

Mail:  Los Osos Cares 

PO Box 6602

Los Osos, CA 93412

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